Using a combination of Natural Horsemanship
training methods, we are firm believers that forming a
partnership with your horse is the key to a life long
relationship.  Just like people, each horse is different
in the way it thinks and reacts.  It is our goal to start
at the beginning to gain their trust and respect which
is essential for everyone to be safe.  We also insist
that every owner take part in the training of their
horse.  We want owners to also build the trust and
relationship needed to take their horse home.
Education is the key for everyone.

When your horse arrives at the farm, they will settle
in and relax in a stall.  Once they settle in the
evaluation process will start.  This usually takes a
couple of weeks for us to work with your horse and
evaluate their needs.  We can then determine the
estimated length of stay your horse will need to
complete his/her training.
We encourage you to read the testimonials
from others and contact them for more details
or information.  We take great pride in knowing
that everyone goes home with their horse
happy and safe for many, many years of riding.

If you're having problems with your horse or just
want better communication between you and
your horse, give us a call we'd love to help.
We currently train many disciplines that
include English, Western and Driving.