High School Completion and or Work Study Program
Do you love horses and you haven't finished school?

We offer an opportunity for teenage girls and boys to earn work credit towards their high in
life doing something you love to do.  Please call us for details.

Or if you just love working with horses and want to learn more we also offer a part-time or
full time
work study position available.  We will teach you about horses, the Natural
training methods from the ground up, lessons once a week, and partial
board available if you already own a horse.  Please call us for details.
After School Program
Do you live close by?  Does your child have a horse or want to ride a horse?

We currently offer a few days a week the opportunity for girls and boys to come to our farm
after school that want to learn to ride and care for horses.  Students would have the
opportunity to take lessons and learn the daily care of horses.  Students who wish to ride
would pay a daily rate of $20.00 a day to attend.  Or they may come for free to learn and
experience what caring for a horse really means.  Pick up time in the summer is 7pm, winter

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We teach students to ride and understand their horse first and foremost.  We can work with
you in most disciplines such as Jumping, Dressage, Western, & English.

One hour private lesson fee: $45.00 or $25.00 for half hour private lesson.  

All students are required to arrive with proper riding gear, approved helmet & boots are a
must.  If you don't have this equipment please inquire we do have equipment that we can
rent until you can purchase your own.

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