Boarding Information
80 X 160 Indoor Arena

The fully enclosed arena allows us and our
clients to work horses year round. We also  
have an outdoor dressage arena, cross
country course, 60 foot round pens, and
miles of trails for our boarders to access.
Full board horses have daily turnout to
either an individual paddock or within a
group.  Grain and hay is given morning and
night along with plenty of water inside and
out.  Supplements and or special instruction
will also be available depending on your
horse's needs.  Most of all our Stalls are 12
x 12 but we also have some that are larger
or smaller depending on your needs.  Each
stall has rubber mats and ample shavings to
keep your horse comfortable at night.  
Full Board Fee: $495.00 a month.
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Rough board horses receive plenty of hay
throughout the day, plenty of water and
grain once a day.  Each paddock is three
board fencing with electric ribbon.  When a
horse arrives at the farm they receive a day
or two in a stall to help them get acquainted
and settled in.  After this they are turned out
into a group of other horses that is suitable
to their temperament.  Our goal is to insure
that everyone's horses are well cared for
and safe at all times. No access to arena
unless we get one riding lesson a week.
Rough Board Fee: $275.00 a month
Self-care board horses, owner supplies hay, grain etc. for
horses care plus does the actual feeding, moving to paddocks,
blankets, grooming, etc.. They do have full access to indoor
arena for training, exercise, etc.. Self-care Board Fee: $200/mo.