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This is a small, family, Morgan horse breeding, training and boarding facility.  Our
foundation stock came from Dana Wingate Kelly who was one of the early breeders of
Lippitt Morgans.  Lippitt Morgans have more of the original Morgan blood than other
Morgans and are considered a rare breed since there are approximately 2,500 world wide.  
I am a retired physician and Dana was a patient of mine for 35 years.  I used to raise cattle
and for 35 years, Dana kept telling me I was wasting my time and should be raising Morgan
horses.  While visiting him at his home when he was in his late 80's, he was feeling bad
about not being able to keep up with his breeding program of raising the Royalton strain of
Morgans so I ended up coming home with five of his foundation stock.  This included a
stallion he named after himself,
Royalton DW Kelly.

We have since started raising Government Morgans also so that we could have horses
with more size.  In this process we developed a palomino stallion,
RS Sunrise Golden
who is athletic and standing at 16.2 hands.

Because of this, we now have Morgans with the most original blood, Morgans with size, and
Morgans with color.  We raise Morgans for confirmation, personality, athletic ability, and
the characteristics needed for those that want a horse for pleasure and performance.

In 2002, we constructed an indoor arena, 80' X 160', for those who board horses here and
also for our training and instruction program.  We take in problem horses as well as
untrained horses for training using
"Natural Horsemanship" methods, we really enjoy
the challenge of the problem horse.  

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A Breeding, Training, Instruction and Boarding Facility
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Top Left: Jackie
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